Rosie Perez had ‘terrifying’ COVID-19 a year ago

The 56-year-old actress, who currently stars in HBO Max’s “The Flight Attendant,” said she “contracted COVID when we flew to Bangkok,” to shoot the new series. Page Six

When Rivals KISS and Aerosmith Had to Kiss and Make Up for a Coheadlining Tour: Book Excerpt From ‘They Just Seem a Little Weird’

Editor’s note: For anyone who lived through the ascent of flamboyant guitar music in the 1970s or has a residual fondness for these monsters of rock that continued to thrive into the ’80s beyond, there could be no more entertaining read than “They Just Seem a Little Weird: How KISS, Cheap Trick, Aerosmith, and Starz […]

Shooter Opens Fire at Woman in Apparent Hit

A woman trying to leave a condo complex got ambushed by a man in a pickup truck, who opened fire on her … and all signs point to a hit job. The video footage from a home security cam shows the horrifying scene played out Saturday … in Michigan.…

Ellen Page Comes out as Trans, Says He’s Now Elliot Page

Ellen Page is now Elliot Page … he’s coming out as trans. The “Juno” and “Umbrella Academy” star shared his truth Tuesday morning, saying he’s finally loving himself enough to pursue his “authentic self.” Elliot says folks in the trans community…

Obama Was Briefed on UFOs But Won’t Say What’s Up

Barack Obama got the lowdown as Prez on UFOs — or the lack thereof — and although he won’t say if space aliens are a thing, his facial reactions are more than interesting. Obama appeared on ‘The Late Show’ Monday night and Stephen Colbert asked…

L.A. Woman Goes on Homophobic Rant Protesting COVID Lockdown

Here’s Exhibit A of lockdown fatigue meeting plain old bigotry — and the end result is, you guessed it … a hate-spewing “Karen.” This woman, not wearing a mask, went on a homophobic rant while protesting outside the home of L.A. County…

How Selena Gomez inspired this bikini for her friend’s line

La’Mariette’s new look is thanks to a road trip that founder Theresa Mingus took with the pop star. Page Six

BBC Nabs ‘Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,’ ‘Pretty Little Liars’ From Warner Bros. International Television – Global Bulletin

In today’s bulletin, the BBC acquires Warner Bros. TV titles; U.K.’s National Theatre launches a streamer; ZDF chief is set to get an International Emmy in 2021; and Martin Luther King and Robin Williams films set release dates. The BBC has acquired “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,” “Pretty Little Liars” and the spin-off “Pretty Little […]

’90 Day Fiance’ Star Jon Walters Dyes Beard, Going Full Santa for Holiday Gig

Times are tough for “90 Day Fiancé” star Jon Walters … so he’s making extra Christmas cash as Santa Claus. Check out Jon’s brand-new look for his Santa side hustle … as you can see, he dyed his beard white and he’s hawking video messages from…

Jake Paul Says He’s In Talks With Conor McGregor’s Camp, ‘I’m Gonna F**k Him Up’

Jake Paul says he’s already reached out to Conor McGregor’s camp to start negotiating a boxing match with the Irishman … saying, “I’m going in there to f**k Conor McGregor up.” The 23-year-old called out Conor after destroying Nate Robinson on…

‘Kinky Boots’ star J. Harrison Ghee selling virtual makeup lesson for charity

Apparently, he’ll “reveal his makeup secrets … in [an] entertaining one-hour group or individual lesson.” Page Six

‘Folklore’ Horror Series Given Second Season by HBO Asia

WarnerMedia has confirmed a seven-episode second season of its HBO Asia original horror anthology series, “Folklore.” Each instalment will be directed by a local director from a different Asian territory. With production again headed by Singapore-based film maker Eric Khoo, the new season will begin filming early in 2021. The competed series will be carried […]

Pitbull Donates Fitness Startup CLMBR Equipment To Charter Schools

Pitbull is climbing on board the fitness equipment train just like Jay-Z … he’s investing in the same startup and hooking up students in the process. Here’s the deal … Pitbull is the latest celeb to invest and partner with CLMBR, and he’s…

Overzealous Fan Tried Fighting Mike Tyson After Roy Jones Jr. Bout

Mike Tyson almost got into a second fight after stepping into the ring with Roy Jones Jr. — because some wacko swung on him trying to prove something … TMZ Sports has learned. Sources familiar with the situation tell us … Mike was leaving…

Miami VIPs intent on partying like it’s Art Basel, without Art Basel

“It’s like people in Florida don’t believe COVID exists. It’s the craziest thing.” Page Six

ATF: Blue Ant Secures Asian Sales For Crime-Themed Content

Canada-based global distribution group Blue Ant International has notched up sales of crime-themed content to several Asian platforms, coming into the Asian Television Forum (ATF) in Singapore. The ATF runs as part of the Singapore Media Festival. Pan-Asian linear network, A+E Networks Asia has picked up season five of Arrow Media and Saloon Media’s “See […]

New Monolith Surfaces in Romania After One in Utah Desert Vanishes

Now you see it, now you don’t … and now you do again, because a new monolith is upon us — in Europe — right after one vanished into thin air here in the States. Another metallic structure was spotted late last week in Romania … standing tall…

Huge Alligator Eats Duck on Florida Lake, Hunters Lose Out

This is the definition of a sitting duck — a dead bird gunned down by hunters got swallowed up by a massive alligator … and it’s all on video!!! The wildlife (and death) scene went down on a Florida lake after some hunters had shot down the…

Selena Gomez Kidney Jokes Removed from ‘Saved By The Bell’ Reboot

Selena Gomez is no longer the butt of a couple jokes from the new “Saved By The Bell” cast — after tons of backlash, the show’s removing the kidney jokes. The new Peacock series scrubbed all references to Selena’s kidney transplant after the…

NASA Scientists Uncertain What Object is Speeding Toward Earth

There’s a mysterious object hurtling toward Earth right now that will whiz past us early Tuesday morning, and in perfect 2020 fashion … nobody’s sure what the heck it is. The unknown space mass has been dubbed “2020 SO,” and is set to fly by our…

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