Police Bracing for the Worst on Inauguration Day in Major Cities Across U.S.

State capitols aren’t the only landmarks authorities fear might become potential targets for violence in the wake of Joe Biden’s inauguration … we’re told law enforcement will pay special attention to other landmarks around the U.S. In New York,… TMZ.com

D.C. Officials, Cops Bracing for Unrest When Congress Counts Electoral Votes

It’s hard to keep track of how many times Joe Biden’s been confirmed as the next U.S. President, but there are still some formalities left to make it official … and D.C. officials are concerned the next one could lead to more civil unrest.… TMZ.com

Mafia Gunning for COVID Vaccine Supplies, Cops Bracing for Theft Worldwide

Get ready to see COVID-19 vaccines on the black market, probably even before you can get it legally, because organized crime’s already gunning for the precious medication … according to Interpol. The international agency issued the red alert… TMZ.com

Election Night Security Bracing for Violence on Both Sides

There’s deep concern for what will happen tonight and beyond in the streets of America, regardless of who wins the Presidential election, and we’ve learned the feds have spent millions to protect the candidates and the building they want to live… TMZ.com

Banks, Apartment Complexes Bracing for Election Night Unrest

As election night draws near, banks and apartment complexes from coast-to-coast are gearing up for unrest — cautioning folks to be ready for the worst. TMZ has learned one bank in Washington D.C. sent a letter to its customers saying it would… TMZ.com

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