L.A. Woman Goes on Homophobic Rant Protesting COVID Lockdown

Here’s Exhibit A of lockdown fatigue meeting plain old bigotry — and the end result is, you guessed it … a hate-spewing “Karen.” This woman, not wearing a mask, went on a homophobic rant while protesting outside the home of L.A. County… TMZ.com

National Dog Show Looks Different Thanks to COVID-19, But Show Goes On

The National Dog Show is giving us some sense of normalcy in 2020 … COVID be damned. The Kennel Club of Philadelphia kept the Thanksgiving Day tradition alive with its annual dog show … though things did look a little different out there, and… TMZ.com

Woman Goes On Rampage and Breaks 500 Bottles of Liquor in Supermarket

A woman went ham inside a UK supermarket … obliterating the liquor shelves. She apparently was acting erratically while waiting in the checkout line, and when one of the shoppers told her to calm down, she went nuts and started breaking more than… TMZ.com

Marshawn Lynch Goes Feast Mode, Hands Out Turkeys In Hawaii

How do you get 200 turkeys to people in need in Hawaii? HAND ‘EM TO MARSHAWN! The ex-NFL star grabbed his Beast Mode shorts, some PPE and a few friends — and hit the streets of Oahu on Monday to distribute 200 turkeys ahead of Thanksgiving. FYI,… TMZ.com

Matt Stafford’s Wife Goes Off On Pandemic Lockdown, Calls Michigan ‘Dictatorship’

“I’m so over it. I’m so over living in a dictatorship we call Michigan.” That’s Kelly Stafford — wife of Detroit Lions QB Matt Stafford — railing against the COVID-19 restrictions in the state of Michigan … claiming another shutdown will… TMZ.com

Trump Supporter Goes Ballistic on Woman Flipping Him Off Over Trump Flags

A Trump supporter threatened to punch a woman who flipped him the middle finger over Trump flags on his pickup truck — a frighteningly tense confrontation that shows just how divided America remains. Their heated exchange went down in Dunedin, FL,… TMZ.com

Jalen Rose goes inside the wisdom and witticism of rapper and activist Killer Mike

Rapper and activist Killer Mike went mainstream this year when he appeared next to Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms in the wake of the horrific George Floyd killing. As cities were burning and the country was hurting, he stood up and in an emotional, powerful plea, urged for calm. As the son of an Atlanta… […]

Donald Trump Goes Off, Calling Election Officials ‘Thieves’

It’s pretty incredible that Alec Baldwin’s Donald Trump character is not really a caricature … because he’s really like that. Trump flew off the Twitter handle again, lashing out at voting officials in big cities, saying, “We believe these people… TMZ.com

Doc Producer Jon Ossoff’s Georgia Senate Seat Bid Goes to January Runoff

Documentary producer turned Democratic politician Jon Ossoff’s hard-fought bid for one of two Georgia Senate seats will now go to a runoff election in January. Republican incumbent David Perdue had 49.8% of the vote while Ossoff was a close second with a 47.9% vote share. According to Georgia state law, if no candidate gets a […]

Jay Cutler’s Reality Star Dog Goes Missing, QB Offers $1,000 Reward

Jay Cutler needs help — the ex-NFL quarterback’s beloved dog, Bane, has gone missing in Tennessee … and he’s asking everyone in the area to join the search to bring him home. Bane joined Cutler and Kristin Cavallari’s family as a pup in February… TMZ.com

Marshmello’s $500k Truck Stolen from Dealership, Goes on Wild Police Chase

Marshmello’s custom truck is making news for all the wrong reasons — it was stolen from a dealership, and taken on a joyride that turned into a police chase and eventually a crash. Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … the hitmaker’s truck was… TMZ.com

Chelsea Handler goes topless except for ‘I Voted’ stickers

Handler went topless in the name of democracy. Page Six

Maskless Woman Goes on ‘Kung Fu’ Attack in Racist Outburst

This woman’s taking face mask tirades to the next level, adding a disgusting racist tirade that included her busting out alleged Kung Fu moves on an Asian employee. This all went down at Shoppers Drug Mart in Ontario, Canada where the employee had… TMZ.com

JetBlue Passenger Goes on Aggressive Racist Tirade, Incites Chaos

A JetBlue flight got turbulent before it even took off, as a man went on a racist tirade — while wearing a Burger King crown — and then got tossed off the flight. The wild scene played out earlier this week in Jamaica, as the flight was preparing… TMZ.com

Lil Dicky Goes Fully Nude to Encourage Voting, Endorses Biden

Lil Dicky’s taking off all his clothes — except for a tube sock on his lil dicky — to encourage everyone to vote, and to reveal who he’s endorsing for President. The star of “Dave” has joined the latest celebrity trend of stripping down naked to… TMZ.com

Filmmaker Dawn Porter Goes From John Lewis to Obama for White House Photographer Doc

As the official White House photographer, Pete Souza had an unprecedented view of President Reagan and President Obama. Souza was everywhere, but it wasn’t until 2017 that he started sharing his work through Instagram and providing a window into the Oval Office and how Obama led the country. He provided perspective. In a new documentary, […]

CNN Reporter Joe Johns Goes Off on Raccoon on White House Lawn

Frickin’ raccoons, man … they’re feisty little beasts — especially the ones in DC — as CNN reporter Joe Johns learned while trying to report on President Trump’s schedule. The hilarious moment of levity went down early Wednesday morning on one… TMZ.com

Trump Goes on Twitter ‘Roid Rage’ Encouraging People to Vote (For Him)

President Trump was up and at ’em this morning with one message on his mind that he felt the need to repeat over and over and over AND OVER again — America, vote … MAGA. DT sent out a barrage of tweets early Monday, and they were all different… TMZ.com

Kobe Bryant Signed Hardwood From Last Game Goes for Over $600k

10/04 — The Kobe-autographed hardwood sold for way more than its pre-auction estimate of half a million … going to a final bidder Saturday night for $ 631,200!!! We’re told the consignor will donate 10 percent of the proceeds from the sale to the… TMZ.com

Officer Goes Flying Headfirst Trying to Catch Courthouse Escapee

A man convicted of drug possession made a break for it in court, and despite an insane, all-out effort by a deputy to catch him … the guy escaped and is still on the loose. The video’s wild — Nicholas Garrison had just been sentenced Tuesday in… TMZ.com

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