Ralph Macchio — Good Genes or Good Docs?!

Ralph Macchio’s good looks are unbeatable! Here is a 23-year-old version of “The Karate Kid” star rockin’ long locks of hair at a movie premiere in Los Angeles, CA back in 1984 (left). This was the same year the first “Karate Kid” film was… TMZ.com

AOC Tells Rachel Maddow She Couldn’t Tell Good Cops From the Bad During Capitol Riot

There were Capitol police who were nothing less than heroic trying to contain the January 6 insurrection, and there were other Capitol cops who were up to no good … so says Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. AOC appeared Friday on Rachel Maddow’s… TMZ.com

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle quit social media for good

A source close to the ex-royals told The Times of London that they’re “very unlikely” to have an online presence, mostly due to the “hate” they’ve received. Page Six

Unused COVID Vaccines Going to Non-Priority People, But It’s All Good

The coronavirus vaccine is going to people who are NOT currently on the priority list, but various health experts say … it’s actually a very good thing. The best way to explain is by example. The Men’s Health Clinic in Inglewood, CA is… TMZ.com

President Trump Won’t Attend Joe Biden’s Inauguration, Biden Says ‘Good’

Biden just addressed Trump’s announcement about his plans to not show up to the Inauguration and the President-Elect’s totally cool with it. In fact … Biden says Trump’s decision is “one of the few things him and I have ever agreed on.” BTW, as… TMZ.com

Bobby Shmurda Could Get Out of Prison in February if He’s Good

Bobby Shmurda’s 2021 is off to a good start, because the incarcerated rapper could get sprung early — as soon as next month — if he can stay out of trouble. The Department of Corrections just updated the Miami rapper’s conditional release date to… TMZ.com

Ciara — Good Genes or Good Docs?!

Ciara’s good looks are just as amazing as her voice! Here is a 20-year-old version of the singer glowing at an event in Miami, Florida back in 2005 (left). This was just one year before she received four Grammy nominations. And 15 years later …… TMZ.com

Olivia Jade wants to ‘keep the vibes good’ in 2021

The New Year is bringing nothing but good times for Lori Loughlin’s daughter, Olivia Jade Giannulli, who took to Instagram to celebrate. “2021 let’s just keep the vibes good, k?” she wrote alongside a short clip of herself, dancing in a skin-tight, short black dress. The New Year’s Day post, in which Giannulli, 21, has… […]

Chilling Body Cam from Nashville Explosion, ‘Good Spot for a Bomb’

The Nashville police officers who were on scene just minutes before the massive blast walked right by the RV that exploded and devastated the downtown area, and you hear one of them say, “Good spot for a bomb.” Body cam from the Christmas Day… TMZ.com

Vanessa Hudgens — Good Genes or Good Docs?!

Vanessa Hudgens’ good looks were meant to be on-screen! Here is a 17-year-old version of the talented actress, rockin’ these waves at a party in Los Angeles, CA back in 2005 (left). This was just one month prior to her rise to fame, following the… TMZ.com

Christine Baranski — Good Genes or Good Docs?!

Christine Baranski’s good looks are award-winning! Here is a 43-year-old version of the talented actress, looking like a timeless star at the 47th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards in Pasadena (left). This was the year she won the outstanding supporting… TMZ.com

Medical Professionals Getting First Vaccinations Say So Far, So Good

The frontline healthcare workers getting the first batch of coronavirus vaccines in America say things are going smoothly — no symptoms or side effects, so far. The first people to get the shot in New York and North Carolina are all telling us the… TMZ.com

Leo DiCaprio, J. Law Shield Themselves on Set, Matthew Perry Looks Good

Leonardo DiCaprio is being shielded almost as much as the new movie he’s in is these days — ’cause he’s on location … and has a forcefield around his mug. Leo was seen this weekend boarding a one-time naval battleship in Massachusetts next to… TMZ.com

Paris Hilton — Good Genes or Good Docs?!

Paris Hilton’s good looks just keep getting better! Here is a 19-year-old version of the socialite showing off her sweet layered locks at a party in Beverly Hills back in 2000 (left). This was the same year Paris and her sister Nicky got the… TMZ.com

‘Twerking’ rant was good for business, Dallas True Kitchen owner says

“The effect has been overwhelmingly positive” after the “get the f–k out” rant, Kevin Kelley says.  Page Six

Megan Fox — Good Genes or Good Docs?!

Megan Fox’s good looks deserve to be put on display! Here is a 17-year-old version of the “Transformers” star at a movie premiere in Los Angeles back in 2003 (left) just one year before she landed the role of Carla in “Confessions of a Teenage… TMZ.com

Sen. Lindsey Graham Says Kamala Fist Bump Is a Good Omen, But …

Sen. Lindsey Graham says his fist bump seen ’round the world — with VP-elect Kamala Harris — oughta prove he won’t treat the incoming administration as enemies … with one huge caveat. We got the South Carolina Senator Wednesday on Capitol Hill,… TMZ.com

Ethan Hawke Breaks Down ‘The Good Lord Bird’ Finale and John Brown’s Legacy

SPOILER ALERT: Do not read if you have not yet watched the series finale of “The Good Lord Bird” on Showtime. John Brown’s (Ethan Hawke) journey may have come to a violent end, but his mission will live on in the young man he inspired, Henry aka Onion (Joshua Caleb Johnson). The series finale of […]

HGTV ‘Good Bones’ Star Karen Laine’s Home Burglarized, Pooped On

‘Good Bones’ star Karen Laine’s home is the perfect place to drop one’s pants and leave a mark — at least that’s what a brash burglar thinks … since they’ve already done it twice. The HGTV home renovator had her Indianapolis home burglarized… TMZ.com

‘Rock & Roll Hall of Fame 2020 Inductions’ Review: A Series of Pretty Good Mini-Documentaries in Search of Some Actual Music

Veteran stars and music-biz types who’ve been attending Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ceremonies since they began in the late 1980s like to talk about how they at their best in the early days, when the proceedings were just for those in the room, and hadn’t yet been turned into a television show. That […]

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