‘Into The Darkness,’ ‘Silent Forest’ Win Top Honors at Hybrid Goa Film Festival

Anders Refn’s WWII saga “Into the Darkness” (Denmark) and Ko Chen-Nien’s abuse drama “The Silent Forest” (Taiwan) won the major prizes at the 51st International Film Festival of India in Goa. “Into The Darkness” won the Golden Peacock for best film. The award carries a cash prize of INR 4 million ($ 54,800). The Silver […]

Guess Who This Pigtail Kid Turned Into!

Before this pigtail pipsqueak was making audiences and readers laugh with her witty commentary, she was just another smiling sweetheart growing up in Phoenix, Arizona. This little runt dressed all in red got her start making appearances on numerous… TMZ.com

Amanda Bynes Gets Into Rap Game with ‘Diamonds’ Track

Amanda Bynes is now in the rap game … or so it seems, after she dropped a snippet of her new track. The “She’s the Man” star posted a new track on Instagram dubbed “Diamonds” … in which she raps for around 12 seconds — “Diamonds, Diamonds on… TMZ.com

Guess Who This Squished Kid Turned Into!

Before this pressed little lady became a smash scream queen sensation, she was just another cute toddler staring longingly out the window in Los Angeles, California. This little lady is best known for starring in multiple slasher films — she made… TMZ.com

Biden’s Inauguration Audience Seating Arrangement Comes Into Full View

Joe Biden’s inauguration will still have some semblance of normalcy when he’s taking his oath of office, because there’s going to be a crowd out there watching him … whose seating arrangement is now becoming crystal clear. Construction for the… TMZ.com

Guess Who This Funny Fangirl Turned Into!

Before this posing princess was making audiences laugh from her killer comedy sets, she was just another funny female having a fangirl-moment over the New Kids On The Block in the Upper East Side of New York. This boy band lover got her start in… TMZ.com

Amazon and Aaron Sorkin to dive into ‘I Love Lucy’ for new film

Lucie Arnaz and Desi Arnaz Jr. are producing. Page Six

Netflix U.K. Price Hikes For Existing Subscribers Come Into Effect This Week

Netflix’s increased rates for existing U.K. subscribers that were announced last year come into effect this week. The streamer’s standard plan increases from £8.99 ($ 12.22) to £9.99 ($ 13.58) and the premium tier from £11.99 ($ 16.30) to £13.99 ($ 19.02) monthly. The basic plan remains at the same price of £5.99 ($ 8.14). […]

Guess Who This Turtleneck Tot Turned Into!

Before this brown-eyed boy was making audiences laugh and having his spidey-senses tingle, he was just another tot in a turtleneck growing up in Evanston, Illinois. This funny fella was new on the scene when he was featured in multiple comedic… TMZ.com

One Person Shot as Pro-Trump Protesters Break Into U.S. Capitol

At least one person has been shot during the mayhem, a video from inside shows a woman — draped in a Trump flag — on the floor after a gun goes off. Law enforcement sources tell us the woman was transported to a local hospital in critical… TMZ.com

Anthony Pettis Would Love To Fight Jake Paul, Wants To Get Into Boxing Before Retirement

MMA star Anthony Pettis says that he’s 100 percent down to fight Jake Paul … and he’s willing to do it in the boxing ring — a place where he has no experience. But, Jake does — he’s 2-0 as a professional boxer. TMZ Sports talked to the… TMZ.com

Guess Who This Snowy Star Turned Into!

Before this world-wide singing sensation was top of the charts and shaking off the competition, she was just another bright-eyed young lady exploring the snow with an adorable dog in West Reading, Pennsylvania. Don’t let this seemingly normal shot… TMZ.com

Meet the Creators Turning TikTok Fame Into Record Deals

In 2020, the shortest route to a major label deal was undoubtedly TikTok. Thanks to the app’s music-centric platform and algorithm, its stars have come to define an “overnight success” — a term that was once used to deride a career boost, but is now simply a fact. In the last year, breakout artists like […]

Guess Who This Snowman Sweetie Turned Into!

Before this excited, little lady was a world-renowned singer and songwriter, she was just bundled up baby posing for a frosty photo north of the border in Canada. Even though this songstress found her calling as a pop artist spreading a good time… TMZ.com

Record Producer Dre Skull Spins Into $7 Million Los Feliz Compound

One of 2020’s biggest deals in the historic Los Feliz neighborhood was the transfer of this lovely Mediterranean compound, which sold for exactly $ 7 million last month. Built in 1928, the house was restored and extensively upgraded by the sellers, filmmaker Guy Shelmerdine and his wife Ashley Jacobs. The estate’s new custodian is Andrew […]

Young Driver Hits Car, Flees, Slams Into a Second Car

This kid needs driver’s ed, stat. And, while he’s at it, a conscience would also be helpful. The teenager was driving his mom’s car and, apparently, sideswiped a car in what looks like a mall parking lot … we think it’s in Alabama. The kid drives… TMZ.com

Amanda Kloots turns late husband Nick Cordero’s ashes into a ring

“I love that Nick is with me in many places,” Kloots wrote. Page Six

Guess Who This Christmas Kid Turned Into!

Before this pint-sized Santa was gifting the world with his hilarious acting chops and wild wrestling antics he was just an adorable little boy ready for the holiday season growing up in Northern California. Although the kid in this Saint Nick pic… TMZ.com

John Mulaney Checks Into Rehab for Cocaine, Alcohol Abuse

John Mulaney will be spending the holidays away from friends and family, he’s checked into rehab to treat cocaine and alcohol abuse after relapsing … TMZ has confirmed. The comedian entered rehab this past weekend and will spend the next 60 days… TMZ.com

NYC Man Opens Fire Into Parked Car from Sidewalk, Hits Passenger

A man in NYC opened fire into a parked car from close range as he walked by on the sidewalk — and miraculously, the people inside survived his barrage of bullets. Check out this insane shooting that went down in Brooklyn last weekend, which cops… TMZ.com

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