Election Night Security Bracing for Violence on Both Sides

There’s deep concern for what will happen tonight and beyond in the streets of America, regardless of who wins the Presidential election, and we’ve learned the feds have spent millions to protect the candidates and the building they want to live… TMZ.com

Fat Joe Won’t Choose Sides in Eminem & Nick Cannon’s Rap Beef

Fat Joe won’t get in between Nick Cannon and Eminem’s fresh rap beef — even though he helped start it — but what he will support … a good, old-fashioned battle of the bars. We got Joey Crack in NYC Tuesday and asked for the man himself to weigh… TMZ.com

‘Little Women: LA’ Star Sides with ‘Big Brother’ Houseguest on N-Word

“Little Women: LA” star Briana Renee is supporting “Big Brother” houseguest JC Mounduix’s decision to compare the n-word to an epithet for little people, but says his message got lost in his delivery. JC caught hell Tuesday night from another… TMZ.com

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